DateDebate title/ Bill nameDebate typeDownload Debates
04-Jan-2018 Raised the issue of political murders in KarnatakaSpecial Mention View PDF
01-Aug-2017 (i) Supplementary Demands for Grants (General)–2017-18 and (ii) Demands for Excess Grants (General) –2014-15Budget (General) View PDF
19-Jul-2017 Regarding the transfers in Karnataka and the prison controversySpecial Mention View PDF
22-Mar-2017 Regarding the issue of of racial attacks on the people of the North-Eastern regionSpecial Mention View PDF
15-Mar-2017 Demands for Grants No. 80 Ministry of Railways 2017-18Budget (General) View PDF
28-Jul-2016 Regarding the water dispute betwneen the statesSpecial Mention View PDF
21-Jul-2016 Safeguard the interest of the gov. officials in Karnataka and handover the suicide cases to the CBI for enquirySpecial Mention View PDF
08-Mar-2016 (i) The Budget (Railways) – 2016-17; (ii) Demands for Grants on Account (Railways) – 2016-17 and; (iii) Supplementary Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2015-16Budget (Railways) View PDF
03-Mar-2016 Need for proper implementation of Mid-day Meal SchemeLS - Matters under (Rule-377) View PDF
02-Dec-2015 Regarding flood situation in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and several parts of the countryLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193) View PDF
01-Dec-2015 Discussion regarding situation arising out of incidents of intolerance in the countryLS - Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193) View PDF
22-Jul-2015 Need to set up adequate facilities for storage of foodgrains in the countryLS - Matters under (Rule-377) View PDF
21-Apr-2015 Need to frame strong guidelines to check bank frauds in the countryLS - Matters under (Rule-377) View PDF
18-Mar-2015 Need to establish more medical colleges in the countryLS - Matters under (Rule-377) View PDF
17-Mar-2015 Regarding reported death of an IAS Officer at his residence in BengaluruSubmissions by Members View PDF
12-Mar-2015 The Budget (Railways) – 2015-16; (ii) Demands for Grants on Account (Railways) – 2015-16; and (iii) Supplementary Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2014-15Budget (Railways) View PDF
26-Feb-2015 Motion of Thanks on the President's AddressMotion of Thanks on the President's Address View PDF
18-Dec-2014 Alarming situation with reference to school drop-outs in Karnataka and need to provide free text-books and proper implementation of mid-day mealSpecial Mention View PDF
23-Jul-2014 Demands for Grants No. 83 under the control of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for 2014-15Budget (General) View PDF
22-Jul-2014 Increasing atrocities on women especially on girls and childrenSpecial Mention View PDF
14-Jul-2014 (I) The Budget (Railways) – 2014-15 (II) Demands for Excess Grants (Railways) – 2011-12Budget (Railways) View PDF