About PC Mohan, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha

P.C. Mohan is a Member of Parliament serving his third term in the Lok Sabha representing Bengaluru Central constituency. He is a Member of Parliamentary Committees on External Affairs and Urban Development. Member of BJP for more than two decades, he served as the party’s Treasurer and President of the state’s OBC wing.

An experienced Parliamentarian and grassroots leader, PC Mohan was previously elected twice to the Karnataka Assembly in 1999 and 2004 from Chickpet constituency in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

As a Member of the Standing committee on Urban Development, Mohan played a crucial role and made significant efforts to improve Bengaluru’s infrastructure and transportation issues including the expansion of Metro rail in Bengaluru.


Passion for Bengaluru

One of his biggest efforts – inside and outside Parliament – has been to make the Suburban Rail network for Bengaluru a reality. P.C Mohan personally met activists, citizens’ groups and NGOs and heard their demands about SubUrban Railway, which he promised to look into and take forward to Railway Officials.

Most accessible MP

Mohan is considered as the most accessible MP who answers citizens calls on his mobile – a quality that has endeared him to his people of the constituency. Hailing from a business family in Bengaluru, PC Mohan is a multi-lingual and multi-faceted personality with excellent connect with the grass roots – be it party workers or people of this constituency.

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